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Officely stands at the forefront of conversational AI innovation, crafting bespoke AI solutions that redefine business communications. our dedicated team is driven by a passion for technology and excellence. Explore who we are, our expert team, and our mission to empower businesses with cutting-edge AI.

Our Team Behind the Tech

Introducing Our Executive Team as the Dedicated Leaders Guiding Officely's AI Journey

Founder & CEO

Roy brings a wealth of experience to Officely, combining his expertise as a Product Manager and IBM Certified Professional with a strong technical background from his service in the Israeli Air Force. His proficiency as an Automation Specialist is evident in his successful efforts to streamline operations for SMEs, showcasing his leadership and innovative thinking at the helm of Officely.


Orel leads the backend technology at Officely, combining full stack development expertise with a Bachelor’s in Economics and Information Systems. His blend of technical skills and business insight is key to shaping our technology strategy, marking him as an essential member of our team.


As the Chief Marketing Officer at Officely, Adi leverages her MBA and a strong background in design to lead the company's marketing and business development efforts. Her experience in the creative industries brings a fresh and innovative approach to the team, playing a key role in building the brand and expanding Officely's market reach.

Conversational AI Key Milestones

Explore the Development and Impact of AI Technology

Turing Test Conception: Alan Turing introduces the Turing Test to evaluate AI, assessing if a machine's behavior is indistinguishable from a human's.
ALICE and Advanced Chatbots:
Dr. Richard Wallace creates A.L.I.C.E., advancing chatbot interactions with heuristic pattern matching, setting a model for future agents.
Rise of Messaging Bots: Chatbots gain traction on platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack, broadening their use in customer service and productivity.
Officely Joins the AI Revolution: With its innovative chat builder, Officely transforms business communication and automation, enabling easy AI integration with CRMs, coding-free.
Advancement in Officely's AI and Machine Learning: Officely enhances its AI with advanced machine learning, boosting AI agents team capabilities and platform features.
ELIZA, the First Chatbot: Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT develops ELIZA,
a pioneering chatbot simulating a psychotherapist, showcasing early natural language processing.
Siri, the Virtual Assistant: Apple's Siri brings voice recognition and conversational AI to smartphones, mainstreaming AI assistance
GPT-3 Launch: OpenAI releases GPT-3, revolutionizing AI with deep learning and advanced language understanding, redefining natural text generation.
Officely's 'Generate with AI' Launch: This feature revolutionized chat flow creation, allowing users to input business details for AI to auto-generate chat flows in the builder.