Meet your AI Team Agents

Solve support tickets using AI Team Agents based on the context tone, data history and hierarchy team management.

Use Cases

Mirror of your best support team agent

A combination of conversation examples, guides, and appropriate tone/slang makes all the difference in providing an accurate response to your customers.

  • Same slang and tone.

  • 24/7 for your customers

  • Tag and organize tasks

Guidance directly from help center or website

Direct access to your help center or website allows customers to easily find information without having to navigate through extensive content on your site.

  • Scan full help center

  • Updata data in one click

  • Easy integration

How we do it ?

Just 3 easy steps!

Create agents, add data, control and manage your AI team's permissions and roles, and share with your tools.


Choose Your Plan👇

Do it yourself, or choose an enterprise plan, and we will cover everything.


$59 Monthly

Website to AI Agent in one Click.
Scan your all domain in seconds

One AI Agent

Website Widget

Scan Website or upload files

10 files max

Custom CSS

Result Live chat interface

GPT 3.5 (1m tokens included)

GPT Assistant (your OpenAI token)

100 Credits included

GPT-4 (Credits required)

Claude 2 (Credits required)

Llama2 (Credits required)


$129 Monthly

Manage a small team of AI agents across multiple channels with our team builder.

3 AI Agents

Website Widget + WhatsApp

Scan Website or upload files

50 files max

Remove Branding

Result Live chat interface

GPT 3.5 (3m tokens included)

GPT Assistant (your OpenAI token)

500 Free included

GPT-4 (Credits required)

Claude 2 (Credits required)

Llama2 (Credits required)

Flow Team Builder

Advanced Featured

Webhook & API


Contacts US

Custom AI Agents tailored to your organization's unique requirements.

Custom Team AI Agents

Custom Channels

Multiple LLMS Models

Bid Data & complex sources

Enterprise security

Custom Integrations

Team Training

Custom feature requests

Priority support


Question we get asked

Find quick answers to your questions with our FAQ section.

Why do I need team agents and not just one?

Great question! To best manage permissions, understand data, and adjust tone, we treat it like a real team. You can create multiple AI agents. They collaborate to decide who answers each customer question, ensuring responses are precise and suited to each agent's strengths.

What is Credits?

1 credit = 1000 tokens: 0.12$ for output and 0.04$ for input. In the Basic Plan, you have 100 included credits, and in the Pro Plan, you have 500 credits for using GPT-4, Claude, and Llama. GPT 3.5 is unlimited

Do you offer API and webhook integration?

Yes, Officely provides API and webhook integration. This allows you to connect your AI agent to other tools and systems, automate tasks, and streamline your workflow. If you have any specific questions or requirements, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

If I use the GPT Assistant, do I need to pay for tokens?

Not for us. In this case, you need to pay directly to your OpenAI account.

Does Officely integrate with Chat GPT?

Yes, Officely integrates with GPT, Claude, LLama, and more, going beyond simple API connections to these models.Before interacting with any large language model (LLM), Officely employs its own machine learning processes.

How long is the trial period?

The trial period is not time-limited but operates in demo mode only, without publishing or integration options.

Can I test the AI Agent I created without upgrading?

Yes, you can test it through the AI Agent preview window on our platform to see how it responds and operates.

Can I cancel my subscription ?

Yes, cancel anytime.
Go to Dashboard > Pricing > Cancel Plan. Note: Yearly plans are non-refundable.

Must I use your chat widget?

No, you can integrate our AI team agents through platforms like Zendesk, Intercom, WhatsApp, and more. But we also offer the option to embed our widget or share a link for direct access.

Real-Life Applications

AI Agents Use Cases:

Explore how our AI agents solve real-world business challenges.

Customer service ⚒️
AI agents handle inquiries and solve issues 24/7, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Sales 💸
AI agents assist in closing deals by guiding customers through product options and answering queries in real-time.

Manage Multiple AI Agents: Combine and manage multiple AI agents by controlling permissions, data, and the tone of voice for each model.

Custom AI Assistant:
Tailored to assist you with any task in your organization base on your tone of voice.

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